Who are StableIT ?

Started in 2019 StableIT was born with the purpose of taking IT services back to its roots. Our aim is to give best possible service at the best possible price without compromising on quality or features.

We found that with over 3 decades of IT services knowledge, customers don’t want a “one size fits all” solution they want their IT experience tailoring around them and that’s what we offer. The same goes for our solutions as we don’t just offer one solution and give you no further options, we will always ensure the solution is tailored to the customers budget, requirements and offers the most longevity.

Most importantly we want to make sure that everything we do for you, as your IT service provider is personal, transparent and trustworthy and we will always make sure the price is right. Everything we do to from maintenance to support tickets will be fully visible, we never charge by the hour.

We provide stable solutions for all your needs!

At StableIT we work with a range of partners to be able to provide customer with the best solution possible, all our engineers are trained and qualified in the latest technology’s. We aim to be transparent, clear and always make sure the solution is right.

A few things we’re great at..

We offer a range of services and solutions that cover many areas such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Server and Desktop installation and support, Business security Analysis, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Wireless Surveys and Installations, Server Rental, Remote Working, Apple Support, Maintenance and troubleshooting, Backups, Disaster recovery and Mobile management.


We offer fully managed IT support services for businesses of any size, with a wide range of plans that is tailored to fit. We don’t believe in set pricing as not one business is the same so why treat contracts like that rather than square peg round hole.


We cover a wide range of services when it comes to Disaster Recovery from Cyber Essentials Accreditation to full Disaster Recovery Audits and Recommendations.


Specialising in Microsoft Technology’s we aim to offer the best Cloud solutions out there, our team have implemented hundreds of Office 365, Microsoft Azure, SharePoint and Skype for Business solutions.


We have a combined experience of over 32 years in Infrastructure management, design and proactive analysis. Working with all types of hardware cloud and local we have you covered.

Some Stats and Testimonials

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Happy Customers
"StableIT have been noting short of Amazing since they started as our IT service provider 9 months ago, having fully completed our business migration into the Cloud we can rest assured our systems will be stable and well managed"
Peter Stevens